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Resources & Development - Newsletter Limited Special Offer

For the rest of the summer Resources & Development will be offering you SAVINGS and IDEAS in an effort to help YOU the Spa Owner during these difficult economic times.

Tools Special Offer 1
Qty: Price: $299.00

Tools Special Offer 2
Qty: Price: $398.00

It's been a rough year and a long summer for Spas hasn't it?

Revenue and business is down throughout our industry partly due to this economy, gas prices, and so on. Indeed we've noticed a decline in consulting services for the industry also. We recognize that although you may need many things to help your Spa business grow many of you are cutting back and not spending the money simply because things are tight.

But even if you can't afford to spend money it becomes more important than ever to TAKE ACTION NOW in order to help your business survive and thrive!

1. Make sure Your Marketing is Working
2. Strengthen Your Brand
3. Control Your Labor Costs
4. Give more value for the same money

We believe that these are the things that you can work on even if your cash flow is down. We also believe there is no better time than now to organize your operation to achieve these goals.

So we are putting our now famous Ready-to-Use Business Tools on SALE (which we've never done before and probably won't do again) to help you easily facilitate this process.

We encourage you to carefully determine IF you need these services and offers at all, and if you do then we would certainly appreciate your business.


So here is the first offer: If you've been meaning to put your Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, or Operational Procedures together for a while we've got a great deal for you.

From now through August 31st, 2008 you can take advantage of this one time SALE for these items you've probably been putting off purchasing.

You can now own all three of our famous Human Resources CDs for only $299, which is a value of $425 for only $299 (a savings of $126)


The Spa Employee Manual/Handbook CD $125 - Learn More

The Spa Standard Operational Procedures CD $150 - Learn More

The Spa Job Descriptions CD $150 - Learn More

A Value of $425
For Only $299
(see below for even greater savings)

Tools Special Offer 1
Qty: Price: $299.00


Or you can purchase all three CD tools PLUS our Spa Administrative & Operational Forms (This bound BOOK PLUS CD will facilitate all your processes) for only $99 more, saving you a tremendous $177.


The Spa Employee Manual/Handbook CD $125 - Learn More

The Spa Standard Operational Procedures CD $150 - Learn More

The Spa Job Descriptions CD $150 - Learn More

Spa Administrative & Operational Forms $150 - Learn More

A Value of $575
For Only $399
A Savings of $177
(see below for even greater savings)

Tools Special Offer 2
Qty: Price: $398.00


BUT if you act RIGHT NOW we will also include FREE SHIPPING IN THE US and a FREE SPA MUSIC CD to the first 25 respondents.

Here is what others are saying about these important business building tools:

"I purchased your SOP's about 3 weeks ago and just wanted to thank your company. I am in a position where I am no longer able to be a part of the day to day operations of my company. I've revised the SOP's to fit my company and I've begun training my employees and it's meant so much to the survival and success of my company. (I actually contemplated closing the business!) I just ordered the employee manual and plan to order everything you have." Spa Owner Colorado

"Just wanted to let you know that the administrative and operational forms have been a life saver for me. I have recently taken a spa management position at a busy resort hotel where everything is in shambles. Actually, I have only been here one week and come to find there were no policies in place for the spa itself. It is now up to me and I would have been consumed with this task alone had it not been for the A & O forms. I am now ordering the SOP's cd which I have to present in a few weeks. Thank you so much for providing this." - Thanks Kasey

For more testimonials on these products and our other services we invite you to
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