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Resources & Development - Spa Business Valuation

Your Bottom Line


Spa Business Valuation Service

"You may be sitting on your most valuable asset!"


Do You Know How Much Your Spa Business Is Worth?

  • Perhaps you are getting ready to sell your Spa Business, and don’t know what the selling price should be…

  • Perhaps you want to prepare your Spa Business for Maximum return when you sell in a year or two…

  • Perhaps you are looking at buying a Spa Business but need to determine if the asking price is reasonable…

Resources & Development’s NEW “Your Bottom Line, Spa Valuation Service” can help you determine the value of any US based Spa Business!

With a one day on-site analysis of the Facility and its Financial Situation, we can determine and will provide you with a report on the Value of said Business.

Your Bottom Line, Spa Valuation Service” is not a one business fits all approach, instead it is a unique Financial Modeling Tool that was designed to specifically address the needs and the idiosyncrasies of the Spa Business.  Designed by Resources & Development, the leading Spa Consulting Firm, dedicated to business improvement and Feasibility Analysis of Day Spas, Medical Spas, and Resort Spas.

The Method of Valuation

Your Bottom Line, Spa Valuation Service” uses both an Income Valuation Method as well as the Asset Valuation Method for determining the fair value of any Spa Business. 

The Income Based Valuation approach takes into account:

  • Present Value of Future Earnings Valuation

  • Capitalization of Excess Earnings Valuation

  • Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Valuation

  • Gross Revenue Multiples. 

An Asset Based Valuation will be used when a business is not yet as profitable as it should be.  This method will take into account the value of all Assets including:

  • Depreciated Value of Assets

  • Depreciated Value of Leasehold Improvements and Build out

  • Adjusted Value of Inventory

  • Appraised Value of Real Estate (if applicable).

Here is what one client had to say:

We recently had Resources & Development do a Your Bottom Line spa business evaluation.  In one afternoon he was able to pull out the information for my business I had been trying, and “paying” my business coach, accounting consultant, and bookkeeper to find for the past year.  I had invested over $6000 dollars in their services and his clear, concise report gave me the answers I had been looking for in a quick, timely, and very cost effective method.   

Please Call Us Today!

  • If you are ready to put your Spa Business on the market, please give us a call.

  • If you are preparing to sell your Spa Business in a year or two, and wish to maximize your return, please give us a call.

  • If you are looking for the best value on a Spa Business for sale, please give us a call.

Spa Valuation is our Specialty and we can help you to get the Max Value for your Dollar.

Or call our office at 702-436-0371 it would be our pleasure to answer any questions that you may have.

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Your Bottom Line, Spa Valuation Service

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