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Resources & Development - Testimonials

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  • About Resources & Development

Hi Skip, One of our students gave us this feedback about you. Thought you'd like to know...

"I have read all his books and articles and when I was 24 and thrown into the deep end with no management experience I clung to them for dear life!"

Bravo! - Julie

During the building process of Spa Theology, a million dollar urban spa retreat in Asheville, NC, we attended Skip Williams’ class at the 2006 Day Spa Expo. We had some confusion about Compensation and we hoped that this class would shed some light on the issue.

After the class we were elated and incredibly sold on the idea of being a part of this new and improved business model!  Although scared, we understood the financial implications, so we moved forward with Skip’s recommendation and compensation plan.  Needless to say, it has been the most important financial decision made thus far. Currently, Spa Theology runs at a 46% labor and has yet to have a month in the red.

Without Skip’s advice and candor, Spa Theology would not be the success that it is. This success has been the catalyst for Innovative Spa Management who has acquired a second, sister location and has been contacted by several area resorts to start consulting them on Spa development.  THANK YOU SKIP!!!  You are a HUGE part of why Spa Theology is so successful and I cannot tell you enough how much we love you! 

-Ilana Craig and Christina Stratton  -

I just wanted to say Mahalo for all your dedication and hard work. I have learned so much from you and really enjoy working with you. I also know you have done above and beyond what you are required because you are truly passionate about this industry and your clients.” Thanks.

Lani Hinkes, Spa Director, Nu Frendz Teen Day Spa, Las Vegas NV

I met Skip Williams at a spa training in 1999.  His no nonsense and honest approach to business was intriguing and refreshing.  In 2000 we contracted Resources & Development to help us do a feasibility study and cost projection for our future expansion.  His Financial Blueprint program has been our blueprint for success.  We have met every year’s projection almost to the exact dollar.  The accuracy and forecasting knowledge has been amazing.  Skip’s expertise, with his precision in forecasting, have pin-pointed our growth potential accurately.

We have kept in contact over the past six years when we needed business advice.  Skip always has innovative and budget trimming ideas to keep our business on its growth-always helping to improve the bottom line. 

We recently had Resources & Development do a Your Bottom Line spa business evaluation.  In one afternoon he was able to pull out the information I had been trying, and “paying” my business coach, accounting consultant, and bookkeeper to find for the past year.  I had invested over $6000 dollars in their services and his clear, concise report gave me the answers I had been looking for in a quick, timely, and very cost effective method.   

Skip’s wisdom and business guidance have been a true part of our success.  We have had a 51% increase in business since our opening in 2001.

We were named as one of one of Salon Today’s Top 200 Salon and Spas for 2005.  We have also recently been awarded a winner in the 2006 Global Salon and Spa Business Award, conducted by the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Skip Williams will remain a guiding force for all of major business decisions.  In the future, I highly recommend his services in your business success.

Sue Sanstche  The Spa at Personal Choice

"I had the privilege of consulting with Skip Williams in a legal matter wherein one of the issues involved the likely future earnings of a day spa owner.  Mr. Williams approached this task with a sense of diligence, thoroughness and focus that I rarely see. His preparation was exceptional, and his testimony was cogent and to the point."

Daniel M. Hodes, -  Lopez, Hodes, Restaino Milman & Skikos Law Firm.

To: Skip & Zahira

"In things related to culture and learning, we only lose what we save and gain what we share.  You both gave me a lot.   Thank you"

Norma Lopez Gonzalez General Manager Hotel Coral, Ensenada Mexico

Participant of Spa Management Seminar-Level 1


Dear Skip,

I attended your class in Feb. 2007 in Las Vegas and have accomplished soooooo much with the help of every class I attended.  I now have a fantastic staff that is working together as a team.  I left your seminar with the utmost confidence that everything I was told would work.  And it has, I should have done this along time ago.  I look forward to seeing you next year. 

Thanks a Million:) Beth Marcis


Plaque received on August 24, 2004 from the Municipal Administration of Hatillo Puerto Rico, USA


To: Zahira J Coll and Skip Williams


"In gratitude to your contributions for making our dream a reality. Your dedication and unselfish efforts have been an inspiration to achieve the success for the opening of the first Municipal Hotel in Puerto Rico, Punta Maracayo Resort."


  • About Financial Blueprint

I appreciate how you allowed me to bounce various ideas off you and gave recommendations in a number of areas. You certainly exceeded my expectations by providing more than the blueprint.

Skip, it has been a pleasure working with you! Your guidance has been invaluable to my start-up operation. I will certainly invite you to my grand opening.  Feel free to add me to your list of client references, as I certainly can attest to your excellent service.

You guys are the best and are obviously ALWAYS right!!! Thanks for everything!

Much thanks, Vicki Olafson - Serenite' Vie


I have worked with Skip Williams, of Resources & Development and attended his seminars.  He created our Financial Blueprint for Terra Del Sol Spa that made it possible to obtain Financial Approval.

Since then we have worked together on planning and developing my spa start up from breaking ground to opening.  Skip has taught me about a cutting edge compensation plan that helps with employee retention and employee/employer relations.

As my Spa Consultant I always have an ongoing list of questions for him, and we speak whenever I need answers.  Skip is my rock, Resources & Development is affordable, and he has taught me how to become a business woman. Thank You Skip, from the bottom of my heart!

Christi Wuthrich - Terra Del Sol Day Spa

  • About Resources & Development's "ready-to-use tools"

Just wanted to let you know that the administrative and operational forms have been a life saver for me.  I have recently taken a spa management position at a busy resort hotel where everything is in shambles.  Actually,  I have only been here one week and come to find there were no policies in place for the spa itself.  It is now up to me and I would have been consumed with this task alone had it not been for the A & O forms.  I am now ordering the SOP’s cd which I have to present in a few weeks.  Thank you so much for providing this.  - Thanks Kasey


My husband and I have owned three franchises in another industry for 5 1/2 years and we thought we could put together a solid business plan.  Resources and Development has produced an out of the box solution which made it easy for us to run "What If" scenarios and make adjustments based on numbers.  We were so confident in our numbers and business plan, we went to the bank and were successful in securing 2 business loans.  Mike and Laura Pierce Spa Owners Jus Massage Fairfax, VA


I purchased your SOP's about 3 weeks ago and just wanted to thank your company. I am in a position where I am no longer able to be a part of the day to day operations of my company. I've revised the SOP's to fit my company and I've begun training my employees and it's meant so much to survival and success of my company. (I actually contemplated closing the business!) I just ordered the employee manual and plan to order everything you have. 

Anonymous Spa Owner Colorado


“A practical, easy-to-use guide in developing, implementing and/or updating all the forms for a Spa operation. These book and CD provided me with valuable templates and explanation for improving my operation and making my life easier.”

Judy Serrano - Spa Director, CA



“Life saving tool, without it I would not have known where to start and it would have taken me weeks to create these materials. It only took me two days with the help of this tool.”

Edward Smith - Spa Director, NY



You will love the business tools that Resources & Development have produced for us in the Spa world. The Standard Operational Procedures have more detail than I could have expected. The Business Plan w/ Financials is a wonderful tool which is even fun to utilize. See for yourself, I am sure you will be equally impressed of the knowledge and care that was put into these products. I am exited to be working on my project and saving a boatload of time. Thank you Skip Williams for your help!

 Vera Zarth C.M.T. Advanced Massage Care, VA


  • About "The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream"

"This book has been the best thing I could ever read. To have information given to me in a life story form was wonderful and educational. I have read numerous books and didn't understand a lot of what I read in them. Thank you so much for writing such an informational book and passing it on so that others can finally "get it".

Lisa Jakober

"I loved your book!  I laughed, I cried, what a great thing for the industry, everyone should have a copy of this!"

Nancy Griffin

The Reluctant Spa Director captures the passion of why people choose to be in spa services, along with the know-how to develop sound business strategies and plans, too. Those new to either to spa operations or financial analysis will find the path to sensible decisions straightforward and enjoyable after considering Skip Williams’ clear explanations. The book, as the spa business can be, was a good investment and pleasurable!

Justine B. Corday Managing Partner LifeShape, L.L.C.

I loved your book - Should be a movie!! Violet Johnson, Ph.D.

“The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream" is a winner.  It’s a business book with heart and soul.  Or maybe I should say heart and brain – because Skip artfully weaves into his narrative all the brass-tacks how-to information you should know if you’re to open and run a successful day spa.

Through the warm, personal story of two people with a common goal (but VERY different mindsets!) this book leads you through all the steps to planning, opening, and successfully running a day spa.  It’s a perfect case study on what it takes to succeed in this business.  I think it’s essential reading for anyone interested in opening a day spa – and keeping it open!”

Laura Higgins - Pitch Hut Spa Business Marketing Books

I just finished reading your new book and am even more excited to start my own day spa business! 

Julie in CA.

The Reluctant Spa Director was truly an eye opener. I read it entirely in one night and was impressed with the material content and valuable information. It helped me to see that there is more to opening a day spa than just a mere desire to have a place to make money. Not only was the story fascinating, but all the relative aspects of opening a spa really gave me a clearer understanding of the spa industry and the importance of implementing the most profitable pay structure. I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone considering opening a day spa.

Edwin Martinez  -  Indian Trail, NC


“If you’re serious about running a successful spa, you owe it to yourself to read this book. The concepts I learned were invaluable. Thank you Skip!”



“The author has taken very complex business strategies and woven them into a story that makes "The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream" an easy read. By doing this he has the opportunity to first outline the business problems before showing you the solution. The story line holds the readers interest and is well thought out.”



This book captures the reasons why people choose to be in Spa Services. To find a book about Spa operations that teaches us in a life story form is amazing and very educational. Even for those not in the Spa industry the story line keeps you interested and might make you want to join the Spa industry. Mr. Williams makes it easy to understand and to follow a very easy read for those of us that have very little time.”




"Skip was right on the money regarding the use of sub contractors... I spent about 8 months slowly and steadily building up my therapists volume.  Then She left my practice and (just like Skip wrote in his article) opened up one block from my office.  The combined loss of the therapist and the clients that followed her set back my growth by at least 12 months.  She was an entrepreneur and I never should have hired someone with that mindset to begin with."


Frank Corcoran


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