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Are you opening a Day Spa, Medical Spa, or Resort Spa?

Spa start up, Spa development, and opening a Spa can be tricky even for the most experienced.

You may know your Spa concept, you can probably picture the business in your mind, and you may be ready to build your spa but do you know how to start a Spa? Our Spa consultants and our Financial Blueprint can tell you:

Is Your Dream Spa Viable?

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How Large Will Your Spa Need to Be?

How Much Money Will Your Spa Make?

What Services Will Generate The Most Profit?

How Will You Control Expenses?

How Much Money Do You Need to Build Your Dream Spa?

How Do You Create the Ultimate Spa Experience?

Financial Blueprint

The answer to these questions and many more will be revealed to you during your Financial Blueprint™ Feasibility Consulting Package process.  Creating a feasibility analysis for a Day Spa, Resort Spa, Med Spa, or a Salon is far more complex than most businesses.  Because each Spa has widely different variables such as:


Menu Offering of Services

Service Pricing

Types of Locations


Cost of Construction

Rent Expense

Types of Compensation Systems

Types of Labor

Labor Rates

Hours of Operation

Marketing Experience

Marketing Budgets



Many Spa Owners never have a clear understanding of where their profit is coming from and what expenses are draining potential from their business.  Consequently, they take the risk of adding their Dream to the heap of Spa Failures Statistics.
To view the Financial Blueprint Demo (Click Here)

Here is what one client had to say:
In 2000 we contracted Resources & Development to help us do a feasibility study and cost projection for our future expansion.  His Financial Blueprint program has been our blueprint for success.  We have met every year’s projection almost to the exact dollar.  His accuracy and forecasting knowledge has been amazing.  Skip’s expertise, with his precision in forecasting, have pin-pointed our growth potential accurately.

Financial Blueprint™ feasibility consulting package includes:
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  1. An initial one to two hour consultation that allows us to get a fairly precise picture of what you are trying to accomplish as well as discuss (consult) ways that your spa can be even more profitable.

  2. An additional two revisions (three total) with additional hours of consultation for questions and answers.  Our clients find this useful because numbers will change at various stages of any Spa Development project.

  3. A bound presentation, that is usually 50 to 60 pages, depicting detailed information about each revenue source (such revenue modules as treatment rooms, salon stations, and retail areas) in addition to expense areas within the Spa (expense modules like front desks, hallways, offices, laundry, locker rooms, etc). 

  4. Further, Financial Blueprint™ gives you detailed summarized information that allows you to see the big picture such as staffing requirements and total cost of setup; it even allows you to compare the profitability of one service to another.

  5. Finally, Financial Blueprint™ gives you the important information that any banker or investor would want to see such as; projected profit and loss, cash flow analysis, and breakeven analysis.

Forecast The Cost To Build Or Renovate
The Financial Blueprint™ Feasibility Study includes expected construction cost per square foot or expected renovation cost, plus estimates for equipment and fixtures. The Summary allows for modification of the square foot construction costs, rent, and set-up costs, so you can quickly see the effect that changes in your plan will have on your final price.

Discover The Ideal Facility Size And Number Of Services
The process we use is designed with Expense and Revenue Modules that allow us to customize the study to your specific plan, so we can provide insight into each area of your facility. These modules allow for quick modification of the number and the mix of services, along with the day-to-day operating costs, including supplies, utilities, and staff hours. We use this flexibility to look at the relationship between increasing services, the increased revenue, and the increased expenses and facility cost. This way we can recommend the best mix of services and facility size to give you optimum profit from your plan.

See The Projected Revenue And Profits
Most feasibility studies just give you a basic profit and loss analysis. They have none of the flexibility and detailed information discussed above. Our report has a very detailed financial projection along with these other features. It includes a Profit and Loss Analysis, a Return on Investment Analysis, and a Break-Even Analysis for each of the Expense and Revenue Modules, as well as the entire facility, complete with visual charts and graphs.

Financial Blueprint™ is available on a consulting basis, with a typical evaluation package being priced at 75˘ per square foot ($750 Minimum, $7500 Maximum). Projects over 4000 square feet should consider an "on-site" evaluation for the same price plus expenses.

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