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Resources & Development - The Reluctant Spa Director


Using many of the same characters from “The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream” Skip Williams’ new sequel takes place in a Resort Spa and weaves the lessons of successful Spa Management into a story that will excite the readers imagination. 

Follow John Tyler while he learns the unique challenges that Resort Spas face each day and turns just another Resort Spa into a unique and well oiled machine.  Meanwhile Steve Wilson literally fights for his life and reputation while sitting in a Las Vegas jail.  All the while we learn about the Hotel world and how to make a Spa that is highly profitable, easy to run, and a better Guest experience.

While many of the lessons contained within can be applied to all types of spas and the story will attract anyone who has ever visited a spa, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" addresses the specific needs of Resort Spa Management and Profitability. 

Whether you’re looking to advance your Spa career or take your Spa to the next level this book will help you rethink your strategy and enhance your profitability.

Once again “The Reluctant Spa Director” will show you proven strategies for overcoming many of the problems within the spa industry.

This book offers us valuable insights on the impact of each decision they make about:


  • Provider Compensation

  • The Important Differences between Resort and Day Spas

  • Business Planning

  • Recruiting

  • Team Building

  • Optimizing Profitability

  • And Much More



No other book breaks down the industry as simply as “The Reluctant Spa Director,” nor offers as much real-world strategy, which is easy to see why “[it] is rapidly becoming a top resource for spas looking to become more successful.” – Robert Hill, Y2Marketing


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The Reluctant Spa Director Between a Rock and a Hard Place
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