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Resources & Development - Questions

The following is a list of questions that when answered will help us to get started with your project.

Please do not get overly concerned if you can't answer (or don't understand) all the questions.

This just allows us to build the framework for your Financial Blueprint, and then we will have quite a lot of one to one consultation time very soon.

So just fill in the blanks, check off the boxes and make your choices from the drop down menus, we will try to make this process as painless as possible as we analyze YOUR DREAM

To view the Financial Blueprint Demo (Click Here)

Name of your Spa / Salon Project   

Client Name  (required)                  

Address (required)                        

City, St, Zip  (required)                 

Phone Number  (required)               

Mobile Number (optional)                

E-Mail         (required)                  

Type of Spa or Salon:                    

Is this a:                                     

Cost of Construction or renovation (per square foot)    $

Will you be Renting or leasing    Yes   

If yes - Cost of rent (per square foot, per mo)             $

How Big will it be:    (square feet)

                          or:    (square meters)

Please fill in the Rates that you know:

Worker's Comp Rate (per hundred)        $

Pay Rate for Therapists                       $ (per hour)

Or Commission Rate for Therapists           %

Hourly Rate for Front Desk/Reception     $

Hourly Rate for Cleaning/Laundry           $

Yearly rate for You/General Manager      $

How many hours of operation per day     

How many days of operation per week    

Will you do your own laundry?                  Yes

Will you have offices on premises?            Yes

          Qty                     Treatments/Modules:             Price of Treatment (if known)

            Nutrition or Counseling Room            $
            Massage Room                              $
            Whirlpool Tub Room                        $
            Wet Room                                    $
            Facial Room                                  $
            Hair Styling Station                        $
            Manicure Station                           $
            Pedicure Station                            $
            Make-Up Station                            $

            Retail Area


Are you planning on having any of the following:


                      Seminar/Yoga Room                      


                      Spray Tanning                             

                      Laser Hair Removal                       

                      Cellulite Reduction                        


            Other     $
            Other     $
            Other     $
            Other     $

            Other     $


Additional Comments, please feel free to tell us more about your vision or provide any special instructions:

  After submitting this page please proceed to Step #2

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