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Resources & Development - Spa Job Descriptions


Spa Job Descriptions are an excellent tool used by Salon and Spa businesses everywhere. Job Descriptions are important to insure that the employee understands the job they have been recruited to perform. Spa Job descriptions help you to decide on the qualifications needed for each position in your Spa, they provide you with a formal document to establish the requirements for each specific position during the recruitment process as well.

Designed Specifically For The Spa Industry this tool provides you with template and the information for each position in your Spa. Within the content of this CD you will find the information needed to help you adjust, decide and develop your Spa Job Descriptions Please note this “Ready-To-Use” Spa Employee Handbook/Manual requires at least a working knowledge of Microsoft® Word word-processing software.

In general Job Descriptions are not required by law, with a few exceptions. They are recommended by Human Resources Professionals and Attorneys because they can provide details on the specific functions, types and levels of required skills in addition to assisting in the recruitment and training efforts of employers. 

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require employers to have job descriptions, but it does require employers that have them to follow certain guidelines in regards to format and content. ADA focuses on essential functions and this has a profound impact on job analysis and documentation of all types, especially job descriptions.  This tool is written to conform to these desired guidelines.

  • Job descriptions are needed to insure that the employee understands the job they have been recruited to do.
  • Job descriptions help you to decide the qualifications needed and to interview and recruit accordingly.
  •  Job descriptions are the foundation to any successful recruitment process.

In order to assist you with the creation of these documents we have included the physical demand and environmental conditions analysis for each one of the job descriptions included in this CD tool.  We have used the most appropriate language to keep you in compliance and we are providing you with detailed instructions in how to adapt these materials to your specific work environment.

The following job descriptions are included in this CD:

  • Spa Director
  • Spa Operations Manager
  • Spa Reception (Front Desk Agent)
  • Spa Attendant
  • Lead Therapist
  • Body treatment Provider
  • Spa Prep-Attendant
  • Salon Services Provider – Hair
  • Fitness Manager
  • Class Instructor
  • Spa retail Clerk
  • Assistant Spa Director
  • Spa Operations Supervisor
  • Spa Reservations
  • Spa Treatment Manager
  • Massage Therapy Provider
  • Esthetician
  • Salon Lead
  • Salon Services Provider – Nails
  • Fitness Attendant/Trainer
  • Spa Recreation Attendant

What others are saying:


“Life saving tool, without it I would not have known where to start and it would have taken me weeks to create these materials. It only took me two days with the help of this tool.” Edward Smith - Spa Director, NY Read more testimonials here

Some Important Statistics:

  • 58% of businesses fail because of an inability to delegate responsibility properly – micro-managing work given to others or over delegating and abdicating important management responsibilities.

  • 56% of businesses fail because they hire the wrong people, such as clones of themselves and not people with complimentary skills, friends or relatives.

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Job Descriptions
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