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Resources & Development - Spa HR-to-GO

Spa Human Resources Expertise “To-Go” 

Do you want to hire the Best?

Are your employees driving your crazy?

Looking for ideas on how to write performance reviews?

Are you trying to change compensation-pay systems?

When you need help with Spa Recruitment, Spa Human Resources, Spa Hiring, Spa Interviewing, Spa employee issues, Spa Pay or Compensation systems, Resources & Development has you covered.

We have the answers to these and many more questions. Our unique Spa HR-to-Go™ program provides you with the expertise, knowledge and experience in Spa Operations and Human Resources Management within the Spa industry to assist you.


Spa HR-to-Go™ when you need it, anywhere you need it. Virtual, remote, just a telephone call or an email away, your day-to-day Human Resources questions and issues answered.


In a corporation or business, there is usually a Human Resources Department. We understand that smaller business, such as Spas, do not have an HR Department and/or cannot afford to hire a permanent, on staff, HR Professional.  Spa HR-to-Go™ is your solution; we become your Human Resources department.


Human Resources Management is defined as the formal structure within an organization responsible for all the decisions, strategies, factors, principles, operations, practices, functions, activities and methods related to the management of people. We provide all of these for you; tailored to your specific business needs. 


Receive guidance and assistance in figuring out what to do and how to do it using the methods proven most effective in the Spa industry while maintaining legal compliance that usually requires extensive research. 


Call our offices Today at 702-436-0371 for your

FREE 30 minute HR needs assessment.


Whether you have a question that needs an immediate answer or you need someone to take over a particular area, an expert is just a phone call away to assist you with any of the following every day needs:


Recruitment & Selection – From developing your Hiring Ads to creating a full recruitment program that attracts the candidates you need.

Telephone interviewing process customized to your needs – We interview your candidates, evaluate and analyze them and only refer to you those that meet the qualifications you want.

Licensing Requirement Research – Do you have time to research what the requirements are in your State, City, and Zip Code? We take care of this for you and translate the language so you know exactly what you need for every discipline.

Compensation program ideas - Not sure how to pay, what to pay, the difference between pay systems, the legalities? We are here to guide you and get the answers you need so you can make a decision that works for you.

Performance Review System and Program – With an analysis of your vision and management style we help you create a program that is easy to manage and results oriented.

Employee Performance Issues – How to handle these and what to say in an employee meeting to get the results you want!

Training guidelines – We train you to train; we assist in the creation of effective results oriented training programs and help you to become a successful trainer!

Staff motivational programs – Do you know what it takes to motivate the different generations in the workforce today? We help you create and implement programs that work with any and all employees.


Our Spa HR-to-Go™ program is available at the same price as our Virtual Consulting. You can purchase it by the hour or in blocks.  Since HR is an ongoing need, the program is also available as a retainer-10 hour a month program at a discounted price. Call our offices to discuss your specific questions and we will create an individualized program specific to your Human Resources needs.


Call our offices at 702-436-0371 today for your
FREE 30 minute Human Resources assessment. 

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