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Tough Economy presents New Opportunity to Fix Spa Profits

Three quick questions about your Spa operation:

  • Does the financial performance of your Spa meet your expectations? 
  • Are you satisfied with the Spa’s Return on Investment?
  • Is the Spa as profitable as it should be?

The Spa can be an important source of profit and should significantly contribute to the bottom line.  Isn't it time that the labor costs and the human resources issues that the Spa represents are reduced?  This tough economy presents Resort & Day Spas with a unique opportunity to finally fix this problem.

My 15 years experience in the Spa business tells me that Spas can and should be much more profitable!  You know what the root of the problem is, the Spas lack of profitability is all about the cost of labor, but few know exactly how to fix the problem. 

Resources & Development works with Spas just like yours and we have a business model which will dramatically reduce your overall cost of labor, and make far more efficient use of the labor dollars spent.  And while change may be difficult, nothing is as difficult as a business that struggles to meet budget.  Even with revenue down, this business model makes it possible to make more profit with less revenue.

Don’t take my word for it; request our FREE Savings Calculator, to find out how much you could add to your bottom line.

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Controlling the cost of labor in the Spa IS a fixable issue and to prove it here is what else I am willing to do for FREE

  • Give me 15 minutes (by phone or in person) to understand your situation and briefly explain to you our program and why it could save your company tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
  • If you like what you hear in our brief meeting it would be my distinct pleasure to meet with you and up to 6 of your executives to present a more detailed account of the problem and solution to the runaway labor costs in the Spa. 
  • At the end of that meeting you and your group will be in a position to decide:  a) if this is the solution for you, b) whether you would like my help implementing that solution. 

If your labor costs seem out of control you are not alone, this problem is typical throughout the Spa industry and the fix is not easy but IT IS well worth the effort it takes. 

I also know it sounds crazy when I say that I may be able to save large Spas hundreds of thousands of dollars and small/medium size Spas tens of thousands of dollars so please take advantage of the “Savings Calculator” that I previously mentioned and then call me immediately at 702-436-0371 or email me to begin adding Incredible Profits to your bottom line.

Be assured that we are not looking to manage or concession your Spa, nor are we trying to change the amazing Guest experience or reputation that you may presently enjoy.  So what have you got to lose except the burden of heavy labor expense?


Skip Williams    -    702-436-0371

Spa Financial Development Consultant




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