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Resources & Development - Financial Blue Print History

What is the difference between the standard “Pro Forma” Feasibility and Financial Blueprint™?

The standard form of “Pro Forma” analysis is not adequate, nor can we ascertain much, if any, transferable information form other Spa businesses.


Even if you take the time to account for every little revenue and expense detail, a Pro forma (also called a Projected and Loss Statement) will not allow you to:


  • Compare the Profitability of Services Offered
  • Calculate the Staffing Requirements
  • Calculate Construction Costs
  • Perform a Break Even-Analysis
  • Analyze the Efficiency of Your Space
  • Create a Master Purchase List
  • Calculate other Setup and Equipment Costs


The standard Pro Forma simply does not give us a very good view of your “Vision” and is not a very efficient way to analyze your “Concepts”.  May Spa Owners never have a clear understanding of where their profit is coming from and what expenses are draining potential from their business. Consequently, they take the risk of adding their Dream to the heap of Spa Failures Statistics.


To view the Financial Blueprint Demo (Click Here)

Creating the Financial Blueprint™

Over ten years ago, Skip Williams developed a new standard in Feasibility Studies for the Spa Industry. His Build-A-Spa™ module method of producing the most accurate Financial Projections was revolutionary.

By breaking the Spa facility into modules he was able to ascertain more accurate revenue and expense projections, while at the same time gain the ability to compare the profitability of each service, determine the total setup cost for the facility, and easily change the service mix of the facility, which are calculations that ordinary feasibilities were, and still are, unable to perform.

The business modeling tool he created over a decade ago is still studied by many prestigious business schools today and has remained the most technologically advanced business modeling tool for the Spa industry until NOW!

Financial Blueprint™ takes the evolution of business modeling to the next level.  Completely rebuilt by Marcus Williams, with Skip Williams’ guidance, Financial Blueprint™ includes all the important information that Build-A-Spa did, yet adds:

  • Master Purchase List
  • Better Reports
  • Metric Conversion
  • Currency Conversion
  • Membership Sales and Dues
  • The ability to help you to optimize the profitability of your Spa
  • The ability to determine the right size for your Spa

Financial Blueprint™ will provide you with more information than your investor may need, so we recommend placing only pages 4 - 8 in your Business Plan.  This additional information allows Potential Owners of Spas to determine what the most/least profitable services are, how well they are utilizing the space available, how many services they will need to perform to make Profit/Budget, how much it will cost to build, what equipment they will need to buy, and much more.

Your Financial Blueprint will be built on assumptions from our vast past experience as well as your input.  The better you convey your "Vision" to us, the more accurate we are able to make your projections.  It is not our intention to change your vision, but instead enhance the profitability, the operational efficiency, and the guest experience of your vision through the analysis of this data as well as our past experience and understanding of this industry and the "Spa Business Model".

As you forge this brave road to turning your Dream into a Reality, please know that Resources & Development is there as a trusted resource.  We would be honored to assist you with the thousands of details you will encounter. 

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To view the Financial Blueprint Demo (Click Here)



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